With our deep understanding of the markets we operate in and our extensive knowledge of industries and products, we, as funding specialists, offer our clients innovative solutions to help them achieve their strategic goals.

Our team of experts specializes in providing advisory services in the following key areas:

1. Supplier and Product Sourcing: We excel in sourcing and vetting suppliers and products as specified in contracts or purchase orders, ensuring that our clients have access to reliable and high-quality resources.

2. Logistics Management: Our expertise extends to managing logistics, including transportation and insurance for goods in transit and storage. We help our clients optimize their supply chain and minimize risks.

3. Delivery Risk Management: We are experienced in managing delivery risks, particularly in international trade scenarios where goods need to be imported. We assist our clients in navigating the complexities and ensuring successful delivery.

Purchase Order/Contract Funding

As funding specialists, we offer innovative funding solutions specifically designed for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that hold valid contracts or purchase orders with established companies in both the public and private sectors.

Our solution is ideal for SMEs with time-sensitive commitments, as it enables them to access the necessary funds within a short period of 30 to 60 days. We understand the importance of meeting contractual obligations promptly, and our funding solutions are tailored to support SMEs in fulfilling their commitments for providing goods and/or services.

Count on us to provide the financial assistance you need to bridge the gap between contract fulfillment and payment. Our innovative funding solutions empower SMEs to navigate their business operations smoothly and capitalize on growth opportunities. Let us help you seize the moment and drive your success forward.

Bespoke Programmes with Private and Public Entities

As funding specialists, we establish strategic partnerships with large companies to develop customized funding programs for their SME supplier base. Through this collaborative approach, we offer unique funding solutions to suppliers engaged in business transactions with these companies.

Our seamless funding process aligns with the terms outlined in the agreement between us and the company. We prioritize simplicity and efficiency, ensuring that suppliers can access our funding solutions smoothly and without unnecessary hurdles.

By choosing our funding solutions, suppliers benefit from a tailored approach that caters specifically to their financial needs. We understand the importance of supporting SMEs in their growth and ensuring their business operations remain uninterrupted.

Working Capital Solutions

As funding specialists, we establish strategic partnerships with large companies to develop customized funding programs for their SME supplier base. Our unique solution enables suppliers engaged in business with these companies to access our funding solutions seamlessly, subject to their choice and the terms outlined in our agreement with the company.

Through this collaborative approach, we work closely with our partner companies to ensure a smooth and efficient funding process for their SME suppliers. By aligning with the terms and conditions set forth in the agreement, suppliers can leverage our funding solutions to meet their financial needs while maintaining a strong business relationship with the company.

We prioritize creating bespoke funding programs tailored to the specific requirements of each partner company and its SME suppliers. Our aim is to empower suppliers with the necessary financial resources, enabling them to fulfill their obligations, seize growth opportunities, and drive business success.

Join us in this collaborative endeavor, where we bridge the funding gap and foster mutually beneficial relationships between large companies and their SME suppliers. Together, we can unlock the potential for growth and create a thriving business ecosystem.

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From registration to compliance – Thinkestry has you covered.

We aim to assist taxpayers (SMME’s and Individuals) in becoming tax compliant



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From registration to compliance

We provide exceptional financial services while maintaining the highest levels of integrity, transparency & professionalism.


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We aim to assist taxpayers (SMMEs and Individuals) in becoming tax compliant.

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We use the latest software available to improve efficiency, and accuracy and reduce overall cost.

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